September Meeting Notes

Written by Bethany Lerch

September Meeting | Rotaract Oshkosh

There wasn’t much on the agenda at yesterday’s September meeting. Mostly, we just wanted to get past the formalities and bring in our new executive board. Just a few changes:

While I’m sad to be leaving, Rotaract is excited to have you on, Joe!

September Meeting | Rotaract Oshkosh

Next, we covered a few upcoming events:

  • First, the Tough Mudder, coming up on Saturday, 7 September. Rotaract has a group volunteer slot from 9 AM until noon. Contact Becky Snyder to get involved. (All proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.)
  • Next, the Christine Ann Center will need volunteers to help them move back into their residence which is renovated following their recent capital campaign. Then, they will need other volunteers for their Take Back the Night event. Becky will have information for these opportunities, too.
  • A chili cook-off is coming in October. We’re looking to have two teams already. (Competition will be die-hard as our new veep Joe Walk was part of last year’s winning team.) Proceeds for the event will benefit the Day by Day Warming Shelter, a nonprofit we have volunteered at in the past.

September Meeting | Rotaract Oshkosh

A few changes worthy of note:

  • We have decided that we will switch our meeting venues each year. We began at Manila Resto & the Algoma Club and are presently looking for another establishment to hold meetings. Many thanks to Manila for providing such a memorable first year!
  • All of our “Change for Change” money will be collected at the end of each year and go to an organization to be determined via vote by all members.
  • We’re going for a more social feel, too. More dynamic events to draw more dynamic crowds!

That’s all for now. Next month’s meeting is going to be Tuesday, 1 October. Stay tuned for deets on the new location. (Time will remain the same.) Thanks for checking in!September Meeting | Rotaract Oshkosh

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