Second Saturday at Christine Ann

Written by Virginia Pliska, Rotaract Oshkosh

Time has flown by!

Hard to believe it’s already been a month since our last visit to the Christine Ann Center. On Saturday, 16 February, Rotaracters were welcomed back to the center and ready to work. [If you’re dropping by for the first time, the Christine Ann Center is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive domestic violence programs and services to communities in Winnebago and Green lake counties.  To learn more visit their website at

Another Saturday at the Christine Ann |  Rotaract OshkoshOur mission on a bright and chilly Saturday morning was to clear out the gift room.  Many gifts had already been handed out to residents and the room is needed for other uses.  The remaining items needed to make the trek to Goodwill so that others can benefit from the generous donations.  The room was packed with a wide variety of gifts, from cosmetics and lotions to books and blankets and other items to prepare the residents for the next steps in their journey.  We carefully organized and boxed each item.  While packing didn’t take too long, getting the items out of the basement and into the garage took a little longer.

Another Saturday at the Christine Ann | Rotaract Oshkosh

Once everything was in the garage, we helped move a donation of diapers to the attic.  Our team created quite the assembly line that involved 3 flights of stairs and sometimes soaring diapers (don’t worry; no diapers were harmed in the move.) We had a wonderful afternoon helping a great organization and getting an intense workout lifting boxes.  Our effort helped keep the donations organized and accessible to those who need them.  (For more information on how donations are used and collaborations for excess donations please contact Dale at the Christine Ann center or (920) 235-5998.)

The Christine Ann Center is an amazing place full of hope and support.  We can’t wait to see how we can help next time!

P.S. for those who came in January, the playroom and storage area still look impeccable!


Second Saturday at the Christine Ann | Rotaract Oshkosh


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