Rotaract Oshkosh’s First International Project – Pilgrims to Ibillin

Bethany Lerch, the first president of the newly chartered Rotaract Oshkosh, had a dream. That dream was to return to Israel/Palestine where she had been before, this time with the intent of learning all about the Mar Elias schools for Israeli Arab children of Christian, Muslim and Druze descent located in the village of Ibillin near Nazareth in Galilee. Three other Rotarians came to share her enthusiasm. They are: Candice Lane; Yessra Sankari, and John Hobbins.

Alas, Bethany was offered a job in Leipzig Germany for a year; she now plans to go on the trip to Ibillin next year.

Along with one other person from the area, Jack Stubbs, Candice, Yessra, and John are going this year. Other Oshkosh Rotaractors are excited about the possibility of going in a coming year.

To find out more about Candice and why she is taking this trip, go here:

To find out more about Yessra and why she is taking the trip, go here:

You can read more about the trip, why there is a conflict in Israel/Palestine in the first place, and about the commitment of Bethany, John, Yessra, Candice and Jack to the trip at:


If you would like to help support the group going on this trip, please contact us directly at [email protected]


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