A Word on the Open Meeting

Written by Jerry Medina

December 4th marked our first open meeting for anyone interested in joining Rotaract Oshkosh. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful turnout despite the cold weather. We had a space reserved for us at the Algoma Club, and Manila Resto (just downstairs from the Algoma Club) donated some delicious egg rolls for the meeting.

Open Meeting | Rotaract Oshkosh

The night started out with some drinks and socializing to loosen everyone up (after all, some of us had to speak eventually…) It was fantastic getting to know everyone  interested in joining. It was also the perfect opportunity to discuss the projects we have done, as well as what we plan on doing in the future. The laid back atmosphere really seemed to get people excited about Rotaract and the great things we plan on accomplishing.

Open Meeting | Rotaract OshkoshWe eventually took a break from the socializing to give a short presentation on Rotaract – from the history, to our projects, to our goals, and the opportunities Rotaract creates for us. We discussed how we plan on visiting the Day By Day Warming Shelter later in December, the Christine Ann Center in January, and the monthly runs-for-a-cause we plan on participating in. Overall, the prospective Rotaract-ers seemed jazzed by the whole thing, which in turn stoked our enthusiasm.

Open Meeting | Rotaract OshkoshAfter the short presentation, we had sign-up sheets for people interested in getting
involved with some of those service projects. As a young club, it was extremely encouraging to see the amount of interest we were able to gather. As time goes on and our base gets stronger, there is no doubt that we will be able to accomplish our goals.

For those of you who joined us that evening, thanks for stopping by! We’re stoked to be in planning mode for our next meeting, our first formal meeting on Tuesday, January 8, at 6:00 at the Algoma Club.

Until then!

– Jerry


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